Annual Performance Audit Report

The performance audit is conducted annually at the fiscal year end on the individual investment pools operated by the WVIMB.

Annual Reports & Audited Financial Statements

The Annual Report provides an overview of the WVIMB’s organizational background and history, and discusses the results of operations for the respective year. Effective fiscal year 2015, the Audited Financial Statements are presented as a separate report.

Interim Monthly Financial Statements

The monthly unaudited financial statements are prepared to ensure a timely reporting of the WVIMB's investment pool operating results. Effective fiscal year 2015, Interim Monthly Financial Statements are presented for July through May only. The fiscal year end financial statements are available under the Annual Report and Audited Financial Statements section.

Participant Plan Performance Reports

This report is provided on a monthly basis, highlighting each participant plan’s performance relative to its asset allocation.  The report includes summary data on the performance of each asset class.

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